May 18

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How to Make the Most of Social Media

Today, social media is king. If your site isn’t on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat, you’re missing out on a huge audience/niche. Especially when dealing with younger generations, who live on these sites, if you’re not connecting, you’re missing opportunities to sell your site, sell your product, and increase search engine ranks.

Social media helps increase search engine ranks by making by building your brand. Using social media, you can make your brand stand out by showcasing quality and integrity of products. Social media marketing not only lets you sell your brand/product, it allows you to engage with those who are considering purchasing your product. If you target yourself as a leader, and get your followers to buy into that, overtime search engines are going to start viewing your business as a leader, and instantly increase your rank.

Social profiles are organic. What does this mean? Basically, it means that social media profiles show up in organic profiles of SEO searches. If people are searching for Nike (or any other big-brand), their social media profile is going to be atop the ranks on Google and search engines. Linkedin profiles, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook profiles, naturally crawl to the top of search engine ranks; and, when linked to a company, can help the company rank even higher for several keyword searches as well.

Social networks are “search engines”. What this means is that social media sites have their own built-in networking or search pages. If you have an extremely well-developed profile on Linkedin, your skills are related to keyword searches. Therefore, if visitors search those keywords, you’re more likely to pop up in those searches, with a well-developed profile. Basically, the more ways you can market yourself/your business, the better. And, what you do on social media profiles, and where you rank on social media ‘search engines’, will help naturally increase your rank on Google, and other top search engines.

Sharing is caring. Yes, if your site is well-developed, delivers quality content, and provides value to visitors, they are going to share on social media platforms as well. The more retweets, tweets, likes, and posts you get (on all social media platforms), the greater an impact (positive) this will have on search engine ranks. Google knows what people are sharing, tweeting, and liking; if your site is highly shared, it is going to increase your site rank when Google (search engine) searches are run, in your niche industry.

Social media isn’t the only thing you should rely upon to help increase your site rank; as a matter of fact, there isn’t one single thing you should focus on more than others. But, being that social media is so widely used today, it does have significant weight, and can greatly impact your site rank for SEO searches. Therefore, as a business owner, these are some things to consider, some changes to implement, and ways in which you can possibly increase site rank, simply by retooling social media platforms for your business.

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