May 18

mistakes when building a website
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Top 5 Mistakes when Building a Website

Building a website? Whether it is your first site, a blog to help your ecommerce page grow, or you are simply trying to create a better-looking site than you currently have up and running for your business, there are some mistakes which newbies make, which can really cost them. If you are building a site, it has to look good. It should load quickly, it should be easy to navigate, and it should deliver content your visitors want to see, on the first page they click on. So, what should you be doing, and what should you avoid when building a site? These are some mistakes to avoid, when designing your new website.

Mobility is key

If your site isn’t optimized for mobile devices, this is one of the biggest mistakes you can make. Research suggests people won’t stick around for more than 4-5 seconds for a site that loads too slowly; and, this is on a desktop. So, imagine just how impatient they are going to be on a tablet or smartphone on the bus.

Today, everyone is on-the-go, all the time. If you don’t have a mobile site, you’re missing out on great opportunities to reach a broader audience. Or, if you only have a desktop platform, the mobile site isn’t going to look good. Things are going to be out of order, and the site is going to look jumbled.

Working with a design company to build a mobile website is extremely easy. And, it is one of the best ways in which you can spend your marketing dollars. As a business owner, it is not only going to result in more visits and hits, it is going to make it easier for more people to find your site. It will increase SEO-rank, meaning your site ranks higher than competitors on Google searches.

A seamless, simple, and easy to manage site, goes a long way in building your reputation. Make sure you plan to develop a mobile site, and work on page load speeds, if you want to keep your audience, and attract a new one.

You didn’t strategize

If there’s absolutely no marketing plan in place, no way to monetize your site, or ways to get people to spend money on what you’re selling, how do you expect to turn a profit? Sure, you should offer some free things. E books, newsletters, and other freebies are a great way to attract new audiences. With this in mind, you need to link something back to these promotions, in order to get your audience to buy.

Having a developed marketing plan in place, which does include promotions and freebie materials, is imperative for online success. And, it is essential if you hope to turn the greatest profits when building your site. Make sure you have a clear-cut strategy for monetizing the site. Take steps in developing something rich, engaging, and content your visitors actually want, and are willing to pay for. The more of a developed strategy you have in place, the better your site will look, and the more your visitors are going to respond to it, and purchase.

Being all over the place

A lack of focus and clarity can really hurt your site. If you sell clothing online, and are trying to resolve philosophical answers, or send your audience to different places in a roundabout way, you are going to push them away. The same goes for any business you operate. When people try to throw everything into the sink, it simply falls short.

Instead of this, focus on what you’re good at. Focus on what you are an expert at. People are going to respond, your site is going to look cleaner and have more relevant content, and you are going to deliver content people actually want to see. Don’t try to be an expert at all trades; instead, focus on the one trade you really excel at, and build around that. Your visitors will automatically know and see a difference in the site content and clarity.

You forgot the analytics

Google analytics are critical to your success. This allows you to identify where traffic is coming from, how long people are on the site, where you’re losing traffic, and so forth. It gives you an overall picture of how your site is doing, where it is struggling, and what changes you should make. It also offers solutions on how to better your site, based on visitor engagement, to help you improve rank, and retain visitors for longer periods of time.

Analytics are key. Not only to help you revamp a dated site, but also learn what your audiences are doing, and what they want to see. Make sure you have Google analytics installed, if you want to be ‘in-the-know’ at all times.

Monitoring/security is lacking

You’ve probably heard of major data breaches, upcoming GDPR legislation in the UK, and other issues with HIPPA and medical records lately. Imagine if the government, and huge companies can get hacked into, what a professional hacker can do to your small e commerce site.

If you don’t take proper steps to secure your site, and your customers, their information will get into the wrong hands. And, this can end up putting you out of business. Invest in security and monitoring. Even if this is the area which costs you the most money in maintaining your site, it is well-worth the expense.

There are some things which are hurting your site but aren’t killing it, and there are some issues you simply can’t afford to make if you want to stay in business. These five issues can really hinder growth, and eventually put you out of business if you don’t address them. As a business owner, these are five mistakes you simply can’t make. And, if you have made them, they are five key issues you need to address immediately, in order to ensure you retain your audience, regain their trust, and eventually start to get new customers coming back onto your site again in the future.

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