May 18

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Top 5 Wordpress Plugins

If you are a business owner on a Wordpress site, you probably know there are plugins which make your site better. They make it more accessible for your visitors, easier for them to enjoy the site-experience, and allow them to easily find what they are looking for, when they visit your site. Of course, in certain niches, some plugins are better than others. But, in general, if you operate a Wordpress site, these are a few great plugins to consider offering to your audience, to ensure the best experience when they are on your site, on desktop or on mobile devices.

WP Forms

Any business owner should make it easy for their customers to contact them. If you’ve ever gone to a website and couldn’t find a contact phone number of email address, you’ve probably been upset and left the site. Why do the same thing to your own site visitors and customers? You want them to reach out to you, so you have to make it easy for them to do so.

This is a beginner-friendly Wordpress plugin which makes it easy to develop forms, so your customers can reach you easily. It is a drag-and-drop template, so you can build email forms, order, payment forms, email subscriptions, and more. The more options and ways you give for your customers to reach you, the easier it is going to be for them to reach out, and actually want to contact you. As a business owner, you have to implement these forms and contact options, if you want your audience to reach out when they need information.

Constant Contact

This is another great plugin if you want to build email lists, build your contact list, and basically want to see your business grow and thrive. What business owner doesn’t? This is one of the best email marketing companies out there, and it allows you to build lists, so you can grow your email subscription and newsletter list.

It is quick and easy to setup and is very easy to learn how to build lists for newbies using plugins on their Wordpress site. There are built-in tools which make adding signup forms virtually error-proof, and even those who’ve never seen an email list before, will find it easy to integrate and use this plugin. It can be integrated with software like Optin Monster as well, which makes it even easier to build and watch your client-list grow.

Optin Monster

If you want conversion rate software, look no further. This is the most popular option available. If you have abandoning site visitors, this plugin is going to help you convert them back into newsletter and email subscribers. Trying to grow your email list? This is the plugin which is going to help you do just that. It not only helps you target those who are abandoning your site, but also helps you find potential subscribers who are interested in similar sites, so you can build an email campaign list. If you’re main goal is to build a list and gain new followers (regain potentially lost followers), this plugin will help you do just that.


If you’re Wordpress site isn’t secure your business is going to suffer. Data breach and security has been a hot-topic issue in recent months. Therefore, your site has to do all it possibly can to keep information private, and to keep your customer’s data secure.

This is a web application firewall and provides the highest levels of protection you can add onto your site. Using a DDos they monitor your website, which can prevent XSS attacks, malware, brute force, and any other attack a hacker tries to throw your way. A firewall is extremely important for any website, especially a Wordpress website. If you don’t have one, it is time to install one immediately. With this plugin, it is not only easy to install and implement immediately, it is a great way to inform your customers you are taking all possible steps to protect them and their personal information online.

W3 Total Cache

If your site is slow to load, you can forget about competing with top Wordpress sites in your niche. Fast load times are extremely important for SEO ranking today. The faster your site, the higher it ranks on Google; and, the more likely it is you aren’t going to lose those impatient people who aren’t willing to wait more than a couple of seconds for a page to load.

This is a simple plugin which allows your site to offer compressed or cached versions of your website to the visitors who frequent your site. In turn, load times are going to be much quicker, and you aren’t going to lose visitors because your website takes 10-seconds to load. The faster it is, and the quicker people can access content on your site, the more likely they are to stick around, and return to your site again in the future.

With cached or compressed versions of your site visitors can also go directly where they want to go. They can bypass the areas of your site they aren’t interested in. So, it not only helps increase visit speed and load speeds, this cache plugin is also going to deliver the content of value, which your visitors find highly important when visiting your website.

No matter how great the content is, if people aren’t sticking around because your site takes too long to load you are going to lose visitors and profits. And, if security’s lacking, you are going to find it difficult to run a business for long. When using Wordpress, plugins will make your life much easier as a site operator or administrator. When it comes to building your site, if you want simplicity, ease of use, and something which will help you build a site which is secure and fast-loading for your visitors, these are a few of the many great plugins you need to implement when building or revamping your online Wordpress website.

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