May 18

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Why am I not getting any visitors to my site?

You’ve developed a beautiful website. You are promoting tweets, new product promotions, sharing content, and engaging with your current customer audience. You believe you’re doing all the right things, but something’s obviously missing if your site isn’t getting the traffic you’d hoped for. So, what can be done to increase site traffic? If you’re not seeing the visitors to your site, these are a few reasons why.

It’s not good enough

Let’s face it, if your content isn’t fresh, invigorating, and isn’t delivering the information people need, they’ll go elsewhere. It is imperative you deliver rich content and deliver value to visitors. “Good” content means unbiased, rich, engaging, and fresh, among other things. Today SERPS (search engine rankings) aren’t “tricked” by websites which simply inundate their site with keywords; in fact, this is a huge red flag. SERPS can read content, determining value/quality, and listing your site rank based on quality.

Competitive keywords

Some industries are more competitive than others. And, in certain industries, major companies have a lock on Google rank. So, if you think of running shoe companies, Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Asics, are going to be the first sites ranked. If you are trying to compete with similar keywords (running shoes, jogging shoes, best female shoes for running, etc.) it is going to be difficult to crack into the top. Instead, try to recreate or rebrand your site, so that you can break into a less competitive keyword. Consider alternatives, which aren’t as competitive, to see if you can break in.

Slow speeds

Imagine this for a second. You visit your favorite website, and it takes 20-minutes to load (okay, maybe 1-minute to load). Research suggests that most people won’t sit around for more than 4-5 seconds to wait for a site to load. That’s a very small window for companies to play with. If your site is backlogged, if pages don’t load properly, or if it takes several minutes for content to load, you’re losing visitors – regardless of how great the content/product might be. Simply fixing page load speeds (a new domain, new publisher, etc.) your site can easily jump 10-20 spots in rank. Reason being… people are actually going to see the content and stick around to visit your site’s pages.

Algorithm changes

This ties back to SEO and blog writing. If you don’t have a lot of content, your site is less than 6-months old, or you don’t have a social media presence, algorithms are going to penalize you for this. It takes time to become a leader. It is important to understand algorithms, how they continually change, and to keep up with those changes. It’ll help your site build rank in time.

Although not an inclusive list, these are a few basic reasons your site isn’t seeing the traffic you’d hoped for. Consider making a few adjustments, reworking some things, and delivering fresh, rich content. It might make a much bigger difference than you’d think, in a short period of time.

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